benefits of onenote

4 Ways OneNote Makes Our Day

We really do like using OneNote. If you haven’t come across it it’s a brand new addition to Microsoft Office that came with Office 365.

It’s a note taking application that you can use across your devices for free. It’s a bit like EverNote but we prefer the functionality and ease of use that it offers. In this blog we’re going to talk about our 4 favourite things to do with OneNote.

onenote benefits

Real-Time Collaboration

OneNote is where real-time collaboration can be used at its best within Office 365. Teams are able to have shared notebooks where they can add thoughts and ideas and be really creative.  At ACUTEC we use OneNote to have a shared Marketing notebook where we put all of our ideas and plans. We even keep our to-do lists in it so everyone can see what has been done and what still needs work. If you add something to a list or diagram then it will instantly appear in everyone else’s notebooks.  It even tells you who has put it there so it really feels like a team is working together.


When you are having a conversation with someone it can be really difficult to write things down and keep track, especially if it is one-to-one. With OneNote you are able to have recordings within your notes so you can write stuff down if its particularly important for you to remember and have the full recording to refer to later.


Sometimes making notes just isn’t enough and you will want to be able to see something for exactly what it was when you refer back. With OneNote you can use the screen-clipping tool to easily save what you need.  If you’re reading an online article or doing some training and don’t want to make notes then the screen-clipping tool within OneNote and Office 365 will become your new best friend.


We’ve all taken notes and then afterwards put them away never to look at them again. With Office 365’s OneNote everything can be kept in one place and can be easily found through the search functionality. You can keep everything organised with tabs and sub-pages and you can have a hub of information across your devices rather than orphaned pieces of paper shoved in the back of a drawer.

Wrapping Up

There are so many different features available in OneNote. We’ve summarised this blog in a handy slideshare below for you to flick through if needed.  If you’re interested in bringing OneNote and Office 365 to your organisation or receiving any kind of IT support please contact ACUTEC today on 01675 269020 or email us on