2 Decades Service for Respected IT Professional

Leading IT consultancy, ACUTEC is celebrating 20 years service by its well respected Technical Director, Neil Fletcher. 

Neil, who joined the business as an Engineer, says “Twenty years seem to have flown by, particularly in the IT world, where things change so quickly” 

“I have seen the business grow and develop over time and it is the variety of my role that keeps me motivated.” 

Neil started his IT journey on a C+ programming course and then worked as a systems administrator for a truck rental company based in Tamworth. It was within this role that Neil was introduced to ACUTEC, which he joined soon after. 

ACUTEC Managing Director, Chris Roche states “I initially approached Neil as we had a vacancy that I thought would be perfect for him and his development. I was delighted when he accepted the role” 

Having studied Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Earth Observation Science at university, Neil has always been technically minded, however he values people over technology. 

“I have always been of the mindset that technology is there to do a job for us and it is people who make this happen” says Neil 

“Neil has a great industry and technical knowledge and is a key member of the team” adds Chris “He is also a people person and allows his team and the wider company to grow and develop. He is always willing to learn and share his knowledge” 

Concluding, Neil states “I have always felt a sense of belonging at ACUTEC and am proud to be associated with such a forward thinking, growing company” 

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