Your Report Explained
What does it all mean?

Your Report Explained

We want to make sure that you fully understand the report you have received regarding your IT systems. We’ve put together a guide to make sure everything is clear to you. If you have any further questions do call the Technical Support Team on 01675 469024.

What is being monitored?
  • Anti-Virus – to ensure that the latest virus definitions have been applied and scanning is enabled
  • Back Up – to ensure the latest on-site back up of the server is successful
  • Connectivity – to be certain that your is server accessible on your network/communicating with the Internet
  • Disk Space – to preserve the free disk space available so the server runs at its optimum
  • Hardware – to ensure the hardware components are functioning correctly (power supply, drives, RAM etc.)
  • Patching – to ensure that the latest Windows critical and security patches have been installed
  • Performance – to maintain your system and ensure that it is not under any strain
What do the symbols mean?

  A green tick symbol means that the vital sign on your server is healthy and everything fine.

x  If a red X symbol is displayed then we have detected an issue with one of the vital signs on your server. We will be working on it to restore normal service for you.

?  Oops, we’re having some trouble reporting on this monitored service and we are working to rectify this.

  A grey dash is displayed for one of the below reasons:

  • The service is not applicable or doesn’t exist on your server
  • You are using a non-ACUTEC recommended product and therefore we cannot report on this
  • You have explicitly requested ACUTEC to not monitor this service
  • You are using Microsoft Azure Backup (reports are currently unavailable for this service, we are working to include it in future reports)
If you have any further questions or queries regarding your report please do get in touch