Send posts and messages in Teams​

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Create & Format Posts

Type a message to a channel. Click the Format button below the conversation area. Here you can:

  • Use bolditalicunderline, strikethrough and more
  • Send a numbered or bulleted list
  • Insert links
  • Enter a subject for the post
  • Restrict who can reply
  • Send as a post or announcement 
teams posts

Post to Multiple Channels

If you’ve got an announcement you want to send to multiple channels, you can – and you only need to post it once.

  1. In a channel, start a message and select Format.

  2. Choose the message type you want: New conversation or Announcement.

  3. Select Post in multiple channels > Select channels.

  4. Choose which channels to cross-post to. You can share in any of your teams.

  5. Select Update, and your selected channels appear in the post.

  6. Select Everyone can reply to let anyone respond to your post, or select You and moderators can reply to restrict responses to just you and the moderators.

  7. Type a message and select Send.

@ Mentions

If you want to get an individual’s, or an entire team’s, attention – use @mentions.

  1. Type a message in a reply or start a new conversation.

  2. Type @ and the person’s, team’s or channel’s name.

  3. Select the names you want to mention.

  4. Finish your message and select Send.

Save Messages

If you receive a message you want to access later, you can save it. Think of it like flagging an email.

To save a message, hover over it and click the 3 dots. Then select Save this message.

To see all your saved messages, click on your photo at the top and choose Saved. Alternatively you can use a shortcut, and type /saved into the bar at the top and hit return. When you’re done with a message, click Unsave this message.