Gas Strategies

Gas Strategies

Gas Strategies is a specialist professional services organisation providing commercial energy advisory services to all sectors of the supply chain. Their reputation has been gained over many years by working closely with clients bringing their unparalleled know-how to the market. The new energy landscape means energy companies are having to adapt rapidly regarding developments in the environment. Gas Stratergies offer this service globally and cover the full LNG Value Chain and gas-to-power. They have a strong business model with fully integrated services delivering powerful solutions to their clients.

The Brief

Gas Strategies hold huge amounts of information that can plot trends in energy. They needed a more sophisticated technical solution to store and model this information. A robust and reliable database was required to deal with the complexities of project managing and contract negotiation, this ensured they were able to deliver solutions tailored to clients evolving circumstances at all at stages of the project.

‘We are delighted to be working with ACUTEC on this project which will bring benefits to both our clients and our business.’

ACUTEC created new databases of energy-related data to support Gas Strategies consultancy business in making global energy investment decisions which added major benefits to their business model. The ACUTEC approach offered a straightforward solution to the problem: we placed a technical expert with the company to carry out the first phase of work which was to look at Liquefied Natural Gas data. The plan for the new databases is to link them directly into its website to make for a more flexible, userfriendly application for its clients and staff, saving time on training and the complexities that had been present in their previous IT system.


‘ACUTEC challenged our need for complex IT solutions,’ said Lisa Gomez-Darder, of Gas Strategies. ‘They got to the root of our needs and came up with a much simpler and cheaper approach than the other IT companies we looked at. We are delighted to be working with ACUTEC on this project which will bring benefits to both our clients and our business,’ concluded Lisa. ‘ACUTEC worked very closely with Gas Strategies on a small scale project to prove their ideas would work. When we began, it was an initial month’s project to show how these systems could enhance the way the company stored and used its information. We successfully delivered the first phase on LNG and on the back of that won the next phase of the project.’

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