Digbits is a manufacturer of parts and attachments for diggers based in Rugeley. The company is a specialist supplier of a variety of different products including digger buckets and rubber tracks. Operating as a family business since 1991, the company is ran by John and Marcus Clay. It was John who saw a gap in the market for providing specialist equipment to the industry.

Leaving Paper Behind

Originally Digbits was using a paper based system to process their orders. Customers would call referencing discussions from weeks before and there would be no record to draw information from. Conversations would be repeated and information confused. Time was being wasted for both Digbits and their customers and efficiency was desperately needed for their sales process, Marcus commented: ‘It was chaos before the CRM.’

For over 10 years, Digbits have worked with ACUTEC to create an IT environment that lets the business get on and do what it does best without interruption. Knowing that they understood how their business worked and what was involved, the company approached ACUTEC for a much needed solution to their paper based problems. They soon began working together to scope a bespoke CRM solution to solve their problems and be a positive addition for their staff.

‘ACUTEC understood what we did so it was easy for us to work with them on our issue.’
A Bespoke CRM Solution

ACUTEC’s CRM platform is built from the ground up on the Entity framework. It’s a bespoke system that creates a CRM that is completely made-to-measure with functions that are specific to the needs of the user and their industry. Digbits were able to specify what they wanted to have a system that integrated with how they wished to work.

‘Quite a number of things have been flexed with the specification that I don’t think we would have been able to do with an off-the-shelf package.’

With the CRM, the company can keep a complete record of customer relationships and are able to see the history of an order from the customer’s first contact through to quoting and then payment and shipping. The CRM has created a central place in Digbits for running the business, allowing for quote and order ratios to be established, stock and dispatches to be recorded and overall a knowledge base to be drawn on.

The system is flexible to the needs of Digbits and allows them to add features as they become needed, enabling their processes to adapt to new technology. The company has recently invested in an e-commerce add-on for their website. While the add-on brought in more sales it was increasing administration as every order had to be added manually to the system. ACUTEC then developed an add-on for the CRM to create an automated process for this function.

Confidence in ACUTEC

Digbits are now able to operate with automation and efficiency due to having access to a bespoke CRM solution that is tailored to their needs. Through their partnership with ACUTEC, Digbits are able to achieve more every day.

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