Dazzle People

Dazzle People

Since 1991, Dazzle People based in Leamington Spa have specialised in providing temporary staff for events, predominantly working with conference organisers and production companies. Their biggest client is Microsoft, who they work with on a weekly basis. Providing first class event staff to host internal events at the Microsoft Campus in Thames Valley Park and their new building in Paddington. Dazzle People is one of ACUTEC’s longest standing clients, having worked with them for over 21 years.

Chris Roche, Managing Director at ACUTEC said: ‘Dazzle People is one of our longest standing clients and it’s been wonderful to see the business transform over the years alongside the evolution of technology.’

IT Support

A typical day for staff at the Dazzle People office involves overseeing bookings and the progression of events. Ann Ballinger, Managing Director, has seen a wealth of technology over the years as she has progressed the business, beginning in the early days using a typewriter. Now, the company relies heavily on technology with databases, CRMs and other software to ensure that everything is running smoothly for their clients’ events. Dazzle People needs to be able to always know that they can rely on technology to ensure that the business is running as it should. They engaged with ACUTEC to provide IT Support so that if something was to go wrong they would have a team on hand to fix the problem.

‘We need the support and we think it’s great. The engineers are brilliant. We’re never made to feel like a nuisance, they’re very patient they know exactly how it works here and what our needs are.’
– Ann Ballinger, Managing Director at Dazzle People
Embracing the Cloud

With the help of ACUTEC, Dazzle People have fully embraced the Cloud. The team use Office 365 for all their essential day-to-day needs, accessing their applications and documents from anywhere. They can switch from their desktop to their mobile devices and are even accessing their files at home, when needed, from the browser. One of their favourite additions to their working day from Office 365 is OneNote. Managing Director Ann loves the application for taking note of her ideas when she’s out and about. ‘If I see something I like I clip it in OneNote so I can share it with colleagues later. It’s great for when I’m not in the office.’

‘I love Office 365; it makes life so much easier. The visuals and user experience are great and I know there’s so much more to find in it.’
Without Limits

ACUTEC’s Managed IT Support services and Office 365 have enabled Dazzle People to be able to operate as the modern company they want to be without limits. They can be confident that IT is no longer an issue for them because they always have a team that they can rely on.

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