Client Feedback

  • "Dug us out of a hole ... again... thanks!"

    18th June 2018

  • "Quick and prompt response"

    13th June 2018

  • "Extremely prompt and efficient service; many thanks John"

    14th June 2018

  • "Very quick and good resolution"

    15th June 2018

  • "Thanks to Kevin"

    15th June 2018

  • "Many thanks for your prompt response and follow up confirmation"

    13th June 2018

  • "Thanks for the feedback and prompt response"

    1st June 2018

  • "Help and support. Is always excellent"

    31st May 2018

  • "Excellent thank you for persevering"

    31st May 2018

  • "Timely applied and functions well"

    29th May 2018

  • "After we eventually got our employee to sit at his desk for you to complete your part.

    Thanks Ty much appreciated!!"

    24th May 2018

  • "Excellent work"

    17th May 2018

  • "Excellent communications!"

    17th May 2018

  • "Speedy, efficient response. Thank you"

    14th May 2018

  • "Very quick and efficient response to my problem. Thank you!"

    10th May 2018

  • "Thanks Ty :)"

    8th May 2018

  • "Great! Kevin responded very quickly to my request and he completed the job for me very efficiently.

    Thank you again for terrific help."

    4th May 2018

  • "Fabulous service as always"

    3rd May 2018

  • "Efficient as always :)"

    2nd May 2018

  • "Quickly processed order"

    1st May 2018

  • "As usual absolutely banging :)"

    27th April 2018

  • "Johnny always sorts me out :):) brilliant as usual"

    26th April 2018

  • "Quick easy phone call, no waiting, 10 minutes later the work I needed was done. Thanks"

    25th April 2018

  • "Ty was as helpful as ever, and worked continuously to resolve both mine and Julie's issue - can't fault his customer service; brilliant! thanks Ty :)"

    18th April 2018

  • "Fantastic and quick work by Mr Fletcher as always"

    20th April 2018

  • "Delighted with the speed of service. The problem was resolved very quickly. I also appreciated the effort to provide an interim solution."

    17th April 2018

  • "The whole process ran smoothly, from the initial queries and order raising with Steve  right through to the site visit for installation. Particular thanks to Ty for his professionalism, expertise and patience with our archaeic bespoke system - and with us and our environment! Faultless service, as always, and we're very grateful."

    16th April 2018

  • "Persistence paid off and Winston got it sorted"

    13th April 2018

  • "Thanks Ty for a very quick turnaround"

    14th April 2018

  • "Quick and efficient, thank you"

    13th April 2018

  • "Very thorough and supportive work shown by ACUTEC, in particular, Kevin has assisted tremendously with the regular resolution of issues at Impression Technologies."

    12th April 2018

  • "Excellent work as always Tymon!"

    11th April 2018

  • "Quick resolution. Please to deal with Acutec staff"

    11th April 2018

  • "We have enjoyed working with Acutec. Most helpful above and beyond the requirements. Very professional, great image and a pleasure to do business with."

    10th April 2018

  • "A fantastic and timely service, very impressed with how my issue was dealt with"

    9th April 2018

  • "Never fail to deliver :)"

    9th April 2018

  • "Very helpful , thank you for your great service"

    9th April 2018

  • "Thanks for the quick response - it is most important to keep our Sirrom working at all times"

    9th April 2018

  • "Love you Johnny :)"

    27th March 2018

  • "Kevin has been working really hard on resloving issues and has kept at it with Micrososft too - This is very appriciated

    - Thank you"

    26th March 2018

  • "Brilliant help! Thanks Kevin :-)"

    21st March 2018

  • "Excellent communications"

    19th March 2018

  • "Pallavi knows her stuff"

    14th March 2018

  • "Kevin was very helpful and dealt with my issue in a professional and timely manner"

    14th March 2018

  • "Excellent service from Kevin. Thank you."

    12th March 2018

  • "Thank you John, good job done and quickly resolved thanks again"

    9th March 2018

  • "Very good feedback on the ticket progress"

    9th March 2018

  • "Service was very quick and problem overcome very satisfactorily."

    9th March 2018

  • "Thanks to John for getting this sorted in a painless manner"

    9th March 2018

  • "Absolutely delighted with service - thank you."

    8th March 2018