Client Feedback

  • "A quick response which sorted our issues in minutes :)"

    25th April 2017

  • "Ty did exactly what was asked of him in very quick time. Thanks again."

    25th April 2017

  • "Thank you."

    25th April 2017

  • "Excellent - very prompt response as always. Thanks Craig,"

    20th April 2017

  • "Quickly resolved by Winston."

    18th April 2017

  • "Thanks, that's great."

    14th April 2017

  • "Very good, fast response. Thanks."

    12th April 2017

  • "Well executed."

    12th April 2017

  • "Great job, thanks."

    11th April 2017

  • 'Many thanks to Tymon for his time and patience.'

    6th April 2017

  • 'Very pleased with this being sorted.'

    6th April 2017

  • 'Yes very happy.'

    5th April 2017

  • "Great help from Dean. Many thanks for his patience and persistence."

    31st March 2017

  • "Very friendly and helpful. Many thanks."

    28th March 2017

  • "Very happy with service provided - again - quickly resolved. Many thanks!!"

    24th March 2017

  • "As usual, Urfaan was able to fit it right away!"

    22nd March 2017

  • "Dealt with speedily." 21st March 2017

  • "Excellent."

    20th March 2017

  • "Craig and Ty always try their upmost to help (even though its not always an ACUTEC issue)"

    20th March 2017

  • "I am very happy with the customer service I receive from Tymon."

    18th March 2017

  • "Craig went well out of his way to provide a solution for our IT problem."

    16th March 2017

  • "Very helpful as always, thank you."

    15th March 2017

  • "Very happy. Problems solved and a great level of service."

    13th March 2017

  • "Many thanks. Super quick service."

    10th March 2017

  • "As usual Craig was very helpful and solved the problem promptly."

    9th March 2017

  • "Craig was very helpful and sorted the issue quickly."

    7th March 2017

  • "Resolved very professionally and quickly."

    7th March 2017

  • "Ty is our man for IT in FGNorth, top job as always!"

    3rd March 2017

  • "Keith is a star..!"

    3rd March 2017

  • "Ty was really helpful and got my machine up and running again. Many thanks."

    1st March 2017

  • "The support was excellent."

    27th February 2017

  • "Excellent!"

    24th February 2017

  • "Ticket action sorted in two minutes."

    20th February 2017

  • "Ty is always very helpful and ensures everything is dealt with urgently. This was actioned immediately as required."

    18th February 2017

  • "Great Job Winston. Thank you again."

    17th February 2017

  • "Very patient with me. Nothing too much trouble."

    16th February 2017

  • "Ty dealt with my issue(s) quickly and efficiently."

    10th February 2017

  • "Brilliant service."

    9th February 2017

  • "Many thanks for your prompt help & support 10 out of 10."

    9th February 2017

  • "Happy outcome, thanks Ty!"

    4th February 2017

  • "Engineer saved hours of work involved in a Monthly Report where data was unable to be viewed."

    31st January 2017

  • "Quick and very helpful nice work, Winston. Thanks."

    25th January 2017

  • "Went above and beyond to help. Really appreciate this."

    11th January 2017

  • "Craig is very helpful and friendly with it. A pleasure dealing with him and my occasional problems."

    22nd December 2016

  • "Tymon is great thanks, Merry Christmas to you all."

    22nd December 2016

  • "Excellent customer service as always. Thank you."

    20th December 2016

  • "Helpful technician problem resolved very quickly and professionally. Many thanks."

    15th December 2017

  • "Service delivered with a smile and resolved my issues quickly, thanks."

    14th December 2016

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