Client Feedback

  • "The gentleman that dealt with my problem was very helpful and patient"

    18th October 2017

  • "Neil resolved issue with cameras - V Happy thanks Neil"

    12th October 2017

  • "Thank you :)"

    12th October 2017

  • "Prompt and no-nonsense assistance as ever - even better when you get to meet the contact in our office the day before 🙂 Thanks again for your help"

    12th October 2017

  • "First time using, technician was extremely helpful. Thank you"

    6th October 2017

  • "Great - many thanks Kevin"

    5th October 2017

  • "That is beyond amazing, thank you so much for all your support during this process."

    5th October 2017

  • "Excellent service as always from Ty :)"

    2nd October 2017

  • "Thanks Winston and Kevin"

    22nd September 2017

  • "Winston - what a legend.

     I ask him so many stupid questions and we still manage to resolve the issue.

    Thank you Winston for helping this 'lady of a certain age' not feel so daft!"

    22nd September 2017

  • "Very fast, thanks"

    19th September 2017

  • "Thanks Winston great help as always"

    19th September 2017

  • "Thank you"

    19th September 2017

  • "Thank you all good"

    13th September 2017

  • "dealt with quickly as always"

    12th September 2017

  • "Kevin very helpful as always"

    11th September 2017

  • "Kevin was very helpful and had resolved the issue"

    1st September 2017

  • "Winston really needs to be congratulated for solving this problem. Very patient, thorough and precise.

    More importantly, a really funny guy which made the whole frustrating process a lot more bearable.

    Winston you are a SUPERSTAR!

    Thank you so very much"

    31st August 2017

  • "Great service as ever; extremely efficient and really appreciated.  Thanks Ty :)"

    31st August 2017

  • "Excellent job! Kevin rang on time and completed the task with speed efficiency"

    22nd August 2017

  • "Thanks very much Ty - nice to have you looking after me."

    22nd August 2017

  • "A big thank you to Craig who is always helpful, efficient and polite."

    16th August 2017

  • "Kevin was very helpful, polite and awesome. Thanks!"

    14th August 2017

  • "Thanks, Ty!"

    14th August 2017

  • "Prompt and efficient service; excellent!"

    9th August 2017

  • "Speedy and efficient service; many thanks Kevin."

    9th August 2017

  • "good job"

    9th August 2017

  • "Absolutely top rate support even out of hours - it is great support when we needed it"

    9th August 2017

  • "Service request resolved within minutes; who could ask for more. Brilliant!"

    8th August 2017

  • "Prompt and efficient service; excellent!"

    7th August 2017

  • "Excellent!"

    7th August 2017

  • "Kevin was really helpful and took on my problem right away. Many thanks!"

    25th July 2017

  • "Keith is a little star"

    20th July 2017

  • "Excellent as always"

    19th July 2017

  • "Excellent service again from TY. Was updated throughout.

    Laptop delivered to my door; couldn't ask for more!

    Excellent Service."

    18th July 2017

  • "Great"

    18th July 2017

  • "Thanks, Craig"

    13th July 2017

  • "Thanks for sorting Ty"

    12th July 2017

  • "Craig has been swift in resolving the issues with outlook and now we shall see how the machine performs going forward."

    7th July 2017

  • 'Thank you!'

    6th July 2017

  • "Extremely helpful as always. First class service."

    6th July 2017

  • "Thanks Craig your always really helpful,x"

    30th June 2017

  • "The new machine is great and I am really enjoying discovering its many secrets. Many thanks, particularly to Winston, Kevin, and Steven who made it possible. I'm more than happy to pay the bill any time it is ready. "

    29th June 2017

  • "Thanks."

    29th June 2017

  • "As always quick fast fix with Ty :)"

    29th June 2017

  • "Excellent service as always :)"

    27th June 2017

  • "Really prompt efficient service from Ty"

    23rd June 2017

  • "Great thanks"

    22nd June 2017

  • "Really good service :)"

    21st June 2017

  • "Prompt service as usual, thanks Craig"

    19th June 2017