What is the Cloud?
what is the cloud
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Last Updated on 24th January 2022

What is the Cloud?

We’re always talking about Office 365Microsoft Azure and the other products that we offer and we never just talk about the Cloud and what it does and what it can do for you.

The Cloud is not your data floating around in the sky. It can seem like you’re conjuring it out of thin air when you’re using it but that is not how it is. So, what is the Cloud? It’s a server somewhere else that you can access via the Internet. That’s it.

What you don’t realise is that you have probably been using the Cloud for years. Any form of social media is powered by the Cloud.  Hotmail is powered by the Cloud. Spotify is powered by the Cloud. Cloud services have been around and in use for years, they’re just now replacing hardware. You don’t need to invest in a server because you access a Microsoft server through the Cloud for a fee.  You are essentially hiring a server and you have the added benefit of not needing to find anywhere to put it. Plus, you don’t have to pay to power and cool it.

It’s kind of like your phone or your car. Where 15 years ago you would have had to buy a phone or a car upfront for their full cost you can now pay for them monthly and upgrade after a couple of years when you’re ready to. It’s the same with software and hardware now. Instead of investing your capital in a server that will be out of date in a couple of years you can now pay a monthly fee and have a server that is always up to date and secure.

A lot of people worry about the security of the Cloud. The way you have to think about it is your current physical server is probably onsite or at a secondary site in a locked room. The only things protecting that locked room are probably a few locked doors, an alarm, a fence and maybe some CCTV. A server in the Cloud would be at Microsoft’s datacentre in Ireland which is like something out of Mission Impossible complete with biometric scanning and multi-factor authentication. Your data is much safer in the Cloud than in your server room.

It can seem like a lot of fluffy stuff that is made to seem really complicated. It’s not, it’s really simple and will save you money. If you’re interested in bringing the Cloud to your organisation or receiving any kind of IT support please contact ACUTEC today.