What is Microsoft 365?

microsoft 365
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This article is Part 1 in our Microsoft 365 series.

Microsoft 365 was recently announced at the Microsoft Inspire Conference in Washington by CEO Satya Nadella. With the name of the product being so close to Office 365 we can imagine that there has been some confusion regarding what it involves and its benefits.

Microsoft 365 incorporates the Office 365 subscription along with Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security suite to create the core IT Cloud product for your business. Aside from things like your CRM and accounting software, Microsoft 365 is essentially the hub of every individual’s working day.

microsoft 365

The product has been split into two tracks: Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise.  Microsoft 365 Business is designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses, offering the ability to simplify IT management, bring productivity tools to employees while safeguarding the business at the same time. Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a similar product, aimed at larger enterprise businesses.

What do you get in Microsoft 365?

The first thing, of course, that you get as Microsoft 365 is Office 365. You get your email hosted in the Cloud through Exchange Online, the familiar Office applications and additional tools like Skype for Business and OneDrive. The Office 365 subscription comes with a range of different tools and applications with the aim of improving productivity and efficiency by building on the opportunities offered by mobility and collaboration.

The second aspect of Microsoft 365 is Windows 10 Pro. With Windows 10 you gain access to Cortana, the personal digital assistant which can be controlled via voice. The operating system also comes with Windows Hello, where you can unlock your device using facial, fingerprint or device recognition, removing the need to rely on passwords. It also comes built in with anti-virus, firewall and anti-phishing technologies. In comparison to Microsoft’s previous operating systems, Windows 10 has been made to be familiar but easy to use incorporating the best features of Windows 7 and 8.

The final part that makes up Microsoft 365 is the security package: Enterprise Mobility + Security or EM+S for short. The package makes things easier with administration, providing device management where you use a single console to manage user and device settings and deploy Office applications. EM+S allows you to control the data that your employees hold across devices giving you that extra peace of mind. Even if they are accessing company data on a personal device, the security tools in Microsoft 365 allow you to control the data even if you don’t control the device. Data protection and device management removes the pain of security and administration that can occur with a fully mobile workforce.

This new addition now makes the core of the IT easy within your business. Your operating system, Office applications and security are all bundled into one making everything very easy to manage.

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