The Importance of Centralised Email Signatures

centralised email signatures
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The Importance of Centralised Email Signatures

How many emails does your organisation send every day? Hundreds? Thousands? Whether they’re created individually, sent automatically or through third party tools, email is probably the main way of communicating, particularly when you need to update multiple people from multiple organisations.

With every email sent, you’ve got a golden opportunity to drive awareness for your brand. A professional email signature should do so much more than simply show your contact details. Just launched a new eBook? Put a link to it in your signature. Hosting an event? You guessed it – put it in your signature!

But have you thought about the best way of managing your staff’s email signatures? Do you want them to be responsible for their own signature? Or would you prefer them to be managed centrally?

Individual Email Signatures

We’d advise that your staff aren’t individually responsible for their own email signatures. It can be difficult to get everyone to update them when they need updating, and you end up with different signatures across your business. Some members of staff might use the wrong colours or fonts, going against your brand guidelines.

One option you have is for someone in the business to design email signatures and ask your staff to save them to their computer. This can work, but isn’t an ideal solution, because it still requires input from the rest of your staff. So what other options do you have?

Centralised Email Signature Management

To maintain consistency, we recommend using a centralised email signature management tool. The idea is that one person (or group) is responsible for designing a company-wide signature, which can be easily tweaked and updated as necessary.

Tools like Exclaimer let you do just that. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, and pulls through information and contact details for your staff from Azure Active Directory.

Some centralised email signature management tools will have drag and drop functionality, so you can include social media icons, images, text and more with ease. Others will require knowledge of HTML and CSS – so be sure to choose the right type for your business.

The best way to get started with an email signature platform is by using pre-built templates. Choose a template similar to your preferred design, and tweak it so suit exactly. You should be able to change colours and fonts to exactly match your organisation’s style.

Different Email Signatures Across the Business

If you want different email signatures for different departments or areas of the business, you can! When you’re happy with the features of the signature, you assign it to an Azure Active Directory group. If your finance team needs to have a different message to your operations team, this is probably the easiest way of doing so.

What’s more, some members of staff might need different information in their signature. At ACUTEC, our sales team’s signatures give recipients the option to book a meeting with them, while others don’t have this.

Azure Active Directory lets you have custom attributes – differentiated from regular fields such as job title, email address and phone number.

Centralised Email Signatures

Regularly tweaking your email signature is a great way to get your messages across. Whether you’re promoting a new service, produce, event or something else, make sure everyone knows about it.

If you’d like to benefit from a professional, easy-to-use email signature manahement platform, get in touch with ACUTEC today.