How Office 365 Can Benefit Business

office 365 benefit business
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When people say: “oh don’t worry, it’s in the Cloud,” they can still be met with wide eyed stares of horror at the thought of data floating around in the sky for anyone to find.  The truth is the ‘Cloud’ is actually still on the ground, your data is still in a server it’s just not within your physical reach.

Think of it as more of a platform or a gateway that allows you to access your data through an Internet connection wherever you are, you don’t have to be in the same building as it.  Your business no longer has to depend on where your data is because your data is wherever you are.

Now that’s got to help more than hinder you surely?

One of the best ways to utilise the abilities of the Cloud is through Microsoft’s Office 365.  Office 365 allows you to work anywhere and on any device by offering the familiar tools we all know: Word, Excel, Outlook, Exchange, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access through a small subscription service for each user dependent upon which plan they choose is best for their business needs.  Office 365 is available in a combination of desktop software and mobile apps, as well as cloud based services through your browser so that the most convenient virtual working environment is always available to you.  You are able to write your reports in the office, read them on your phone while waiting for the train and then edit them on your tablet once you set off.

With the use of Office 365’s OneDrive for Business and OneNote you are able to keep all your documents up to date as you use your array of devices in the different working situations that you face.  OneDrive for Business allows synchronisation of your documents across all of your devices making sure that everything you are working with is always ready for you, whilst OneNote allows for a digital notebook with features such as the ability to share your notebooks with others, clip web pages and even use a stylus and scribble it all down yourself if that function is available for you.

Where your business can really benefit from Office 365 is through the use of SharePoint.  SharePoint is a collaborative working tool that allows for your business’s team to have a ‘site’ in which they’re able to share their documents, calendars, tasks, discussions and more.  The tool is highly customisable with companies being able to brand the site and build it around their users for the most productive experience. SharePoint has huge potential dependent upon how a business chooses to use it and needs a blog all of its own to cover its many benefits.

If you’re a proactive business then Office 365 is essential to being as productive as possible. If you’re interested in investing in Office 365 please call us on 01675 469020.