How to Use Tools in the Cloud to Benefit Your Charity

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If you want to drive your charity or non-profit organisation forward then it is important to ensure that you are exploring the digital tools available to you to be able to achieve your objectives. If you aim to provide the best care possible from wherever you are in the community or if you want to bring more people to services that can have a positive effect on their lives then there are ways that technology can help you drive a bigger impact.

Technology, particularly in the Cloud, is there to drive innovation for businesses and organisations. For a charity, there are many tools that are already available to them that can help mission statements be achieved at a much higher level.

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Skype for Business

Skype is a tool that is used by consumers and organisations alike. It is a communication application that enables audio and video calling as well as instant messaging. Skype for Business is available through an Office 365 subscription and is often seen as a forgotten add-on. It shouldn’t be. Charities and non-profit organisations should think about how that technology could be leveraged in different ways within the organisation. Could your staff use the software to communicate? Could they instant message when they are out in the community? Could your clients video call their friends and relatives if they are not mobile? The impact that additional communication tools could bring to your organisation are phenomenal if they are just incorporated into your thoughts and ideas.

Social Media

Social media is a Cloud technology. You’re accessing a service via the Internet. There are many ways that organisations can use social media to do good. The first is obviously at a marketing level. Social media is a great tool to be able to increase your brand identity and increase funds. The other way in which you could leverage social media is through using it to provide a service. Obviously, social media is a public form of communication so it is dependent upon the services that you provide and whether they are confidential, but you could use Twitter or Facebook to communicate with your clients.


Microsoft Teams is a new addition to Office 365. Teams enables a virtual workspace for your staff to be able to work together and collaborate on ideas. Teams works best when used for project work or departments. Your charity’s fundraising and marketing team could have their own teams site so they could discuss ideas and plans for projects. Below is a screenshot of how a marketing team could use Teams to collaborate on documents. The great thing about teams is that everything is recorded so that you can go back the conversation and see what was said rather than going through an email trail.

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Bookings is another Microsoft tool that comes with Office 365. In Bookings you can easily arrange appointments based upon availability. It’s a great tool for hairdressers and restaurants but it could also be used by charity and non-profit organisations to arrange appointments with clients. If you provide services that people need to book sessions for they can do so easily from their browser.

OneDrive for Business

Being able to make your staff’s days more efficient will enable them to be able to spend more time with your clients. Imagine you are a hospice and your staff are out in the community making notes on patients. When they get back to the hospice they have to write up their notes and essentially spend double the amount of time that they need to on administration. With a storage solution like Dropbox or OneDrive for Business staff could use a tablet to make their notes and then access them from a PC when they got back to the hospice, reducing the administration time needed and enabling more time to be spent with patients.

There are many ways that your charity can leverage the different tools made available in the Cloud to bring innovation to your organisation. If you are interested in finding out more about the Cloud or general IT for your charity please get in touch. 

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