5 Benefits of Legionella Service Management Software
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Last Updated on 27th January 2022

5 Benefits of Legionella Service Management Software

Our reliance on technology to support our businesses will only ever increase. Organisations are moving away from the chaos of paper-based systems to software like service management applications that help to create reliable and recordable processes.

In the water treatment industry, a client is often data-heavy to service with multiple sites, locations and assets to keep track of and ensure compliance. You’re responsible for people’s health and because of this you need to keep your processes logical and streamlined to ensure your level of service is maintained.

Legionella Service Management Software is a great way to ensure that your processes are up to scratch and can cope with the level of service that you are offering to your clients. Depending on the software that you choose, you will be able to keep track of your engineers, your service and your clients.

In this blog we’ve put together the 5 major benefits of implementing a Legionella Service Management Software application in your water treatment business.

Industry Specific

Any software that is specific to your industry will bring more benefit to your business than a ‘neutral’ application. If the software you implement is specific to the water treatment industry then the people who have developed it will have taken the time to understand how your business works and what features will be important to you. Even if it’s just the terminology matching your industry, it can make a big difference to how you work if it’s in-line with your current processes.

Cloud Based

A lot of software is now being developed so that it is hosted in the Cloud. Accessibility no longer becomes an issue because you can access the software from any browser. If you have staff working from home or out in the field that need to access data you don’t need to worry about them having a limited working environment. They will be able to access everything they have in the office at home.

Better Service

If you can provide a better service to your clients then this ultimately will improve your bottom line. You’ll retain clients for longer and nurture better relationships. Using a Legionella Service Management Software application means that everything can be recorded and accessed easily. If you use software like H2O Control, then all your PPM and service visits will be recorded in the system. The system will also automate booking service visits so that any non-conformant tests can be redone on time.

Visual Reporting

Another advantage of implementing a Legionella Service Management Software application is that you gain visual reporting to be able to understand what is happening in your business with just a glance. Software packages like H2O Control come with reporting and dashboards so that you can easily gain the insight you need in your business. You can see how many non-conformant tests you have had, how many visits are overdue and more.

Mobile Application

Depending on the application you choose, some Legionella Service Management Software applications come with a mobile app for your engineers to use when they are in the field. For example, the H2O Control application allows for engineers to download all the tests they need to do each day and automatically identifies a non-conformant test when the results are recorded. All the data recorded by the engineers in the field is then available in the primary administration application to be able to gain a full view of your clients’ sites.

Wrapping up

When a business’ needs are properly considered and technology is leveraged correctly there can be a massive change in how an organisation operates for the better. H2O Control is ACUTEC’s Legionella Service Management Software that has been developed directly with and for the water treatment industry. If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about H2O Control or would like to learn more just email hello@acutec.co.uk or call 01675 469020.