6 Ways to Save Your iPhone Battery
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Last Updated on 25th January 2022

6 Ways to Save Your iPhone Battery

Everyone hates it when their iPhone battery is low and they know they’re still going to be out for a couple of hours. Here are our 6 ways of making your battery last longer.

Turn on Auto-Brightness

By turning on auto-brightness your phone will adjust the brightness of the screen based upon the light in the room you are in, therefore saving you battery by you not having full brightness draining power when a room is fully lit. Your other option is to turn your screen brightness down completely and just adjust it when you need to.

Turn Wi-Fi Off

If you’re not connected to a known Wi-Fi spot and your Wi-Fi switched on then your iPhone will constantly be searching for a hotspot that you can join. If you’re not using Wi-Fi turn the setting off and reduce draining your power.


If you go into the battery section of your settings, you can see which apps are draining your battery the most. If there’s an app that you don’t use you can think about deleting it. Sometimes your iPhone will also tell you what is causing the battery drain such as background activity or audio.

Turn Off Location Services

It’s always cool when your iPhone knows your schedule without you telling it. If you go somewhere every Friday night, the likelihood is your iPhone will have picked up on it and will start telling you about the traffic and how long it will take to get to that specific place every Friday night. This feature is great but it’s draining your battery in the process of gathering that information. Turn it off if you’re not using it or won’t have access to a charger for a while.

Turn on Low Power Mode

We know of a slowly dying iPhone 5 that survived an extra six months by being constantly on low-power mode. If you go into your battery settings and switch low-power mode on it will reduce processing power, disable background app refresh and turn off email fetch.

Disable Background App Refresh

This feature takes note of how often you use apps and the time of day that you usually use them. It then uses this data to update apps ready for the next time that you use them. Updating the apps will drain your battery so disabling this feature is sure to give you some extra time.

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