6 Tricks for iPhone Photography
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Last Updated on 24th January 2022

6 Tricks for iPhone Photography

One of Apple’s favourite advertising campaigns for their iPhones at the moment is showing you an incredible photograph and stating that it was taken on one of their handheld devices. It seems impossible, but it’s not when you consider the tricks below.

Change the Exposure

Sometimes when we take a photo on our phone it can seem really dark. If you tap on the viewfinder a yellow box will appear. If you drag that up and down you will be able to change the exposure and lighting of your photo.

Have you ever wanted to take a photo with your phone on your tripod but had no way of it staying on? If you unscrew the top of your selfie stick from the actual stick you’ll find it has the same mechanism as a tripod and you can attach it to the tripod.

Volume Button

Sometimes it can be really awkward to take a photo by tapping the screen on your phone, especially if you’re taking a selfie. You can take a photo with your iPhone by also using either of the volume buttons so you can get that real camera feel.


If pressing the volume button is still a little awkward you can always try plugging in your headphones and doing the same thing with the volume button on them.


One of the rules of photography is to take lots of images at once so that you know that will have a good one at the end. If you hold down the capture button when taking a photo it will keep taking photos until you let go.

Apple Watch

One really cool feature of the Apple Watch is what it can do with an iPhone camera. Not only are you able to see what your phone camera can see on the watch face if it’s at an awkward position, but you can also use it to take the photo. If you set your phone up on a tripod you can use the watch to take the photo from wherever you are in the room.