What Are Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms?

teams breakout rooms

What Are Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms? Microsoft Teams has revolutionised the way we work. When you can’t be in the same room to collaborate and communicate with colleagues, suppliers and clients, Teams has proved to be an excellent replacement. Microsoft are constantly making updates to their products, and recently we have seen some great additions … Read more

How to Change Your Background on Microsoft Teams

Working from home has resulted in workers taking part in more meetings than they did before. It’s inevitable – with everyone working in different places, you can’t just have a quick chat with colleagues in your office. If you need to speak to them, you’ve got two choices – audio or video call. If your … Read more

Guide to Microsoft Teams

ACUTEC Guide to Microsoft Teams 2020 Guide to Microsoft Teams Get your free guide to Microsoft Teams! Microsoft Teams’ popularity has skyrocketed over the last few months, with more than 75 million users across the world. If you or your organisation is using Teams, but want to feel more confident with it, this is the … Read more

How to Set Up a Live Event in Teams

teams live event

Microsoft Teams is revolutionising the way we work. Part of it is out of necessity, but advances in cloud computing have made remote working easier for most people. As a result of working from home, the number of business events people attend has declined significantly. They’ve been replaced by virtual events, often in the form … Read more

Tips on Managing Remote Teams

manage remote teams

With remote working still the norm for many businesses, this can put extra strain on managers and team leaders. It isn’t always easy knowing how to manage teams in different locations, without being able to meet face to face. We’ve already talked about what you need to work from home, and how to upgrade your … Read more

Teams on the Go

Microsoft Teams mobile and tablet apps Training > Microsoft Teams > Teams on the Go Teams activity feed on the go Your Activity feed is a summary of everything that’s happened in the team channels you follow. You can get caught up with everything fast. Select Activity to see your Activity feed. Bold messages have not … Read more

What is Microsoft Teams?

what is microsoft teams

As we’re working from home at the moment, there’s never been such demand for video calling. And with so many different video calling apps available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. But unlike other video conferencing apps, Microsoft Teams offers so much more. In fact, the video calling functionality is … Read more

Teams and Channels

Overview of Teams and Channels Training > Microsoft Teams > Teams and Channels Channels & Teams A team is a group of people with shared areas of work. You might have a team for different departments in your organisation, different areas of the business and a company-wide team. Within a team you have channels. Channels … Read more

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide Training > Microsoft Teams > Quick Start Guide What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams can be your central hub for teamwork. Teams lets you pull together a team and work together using chat instead of email and channels rather than file folders. Think of it as your work space where … Read more

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