Working day no longer 9 to 5

If Dolly Parton sat down today to pen one of her biggest hits, she would have to change the lyrics and the title. The working day, say a Midlands IT firm, is no longer ‘9 to 5’ as Parton once sang – it’s more like 8am until 6pm for most businesses.

Coleshill-based ACUTEC has extended its office hours to meet the demand of its clients’ new, longer working day and also offers an out of hours service so there is always cover on hand. And while ‘working eight til 6pm, with staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week’ would not have had quite the same ring to it for Parton’s hit record, it’s crucial in the new world of business, according to managing director Chris Roche.

He said: “The working day has certainly got longer. In fact, since the recession hit we’ve noticed a real increase in clients who are working from 8am until 6pm as a rule. Companies are having to work longer and harder for the same rewards as four or five years ago and, when you provide a service such as ours, you have to adapt to that.

“When a business owner and their staff arrive at work, if there is any issue with their IT, they want it to be resolved immediately. They don’t want to get in early and then find they cannot carry out the tasks they wanted to so we have to be on hand to service their need.

“As a company, we have always offered more than simply hardware and software because we know businesses are about people and we have to understand all of our clients’ needs.

“Of course, firms are increasingly working out of hours and weekends and we have to have an ‘on-call’ service so there is always one of our experts available to offer support.
“On top of that, we also offer clients a daily background check which can identify issues before they develop. That’s an ideal way to ensure that your crucial IT system continues to run smoothly so that businesses can get on with what they do best – satisfying their own clients and customers, whatever the time of day!”

  • 25 Jul, 2012
  • maxbrooker

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