Telecoms event reflection

Telephony and IT is converging so quickly that businesses need a helping hand to make the most of the changes in technology. That was the message at a special event laid on by ACUTEC on the subject of telecoms.

The company is running a programme of events throughout the year to help clients and partners to keep up with the latest changes in IT and invited Wayne Liddle, of Avaya, to give a presentation on telecommunications.

Avaya is the number one supplier of telecoms to SMEs and Wayne pointed out the many ways in which companies can become more efficient by converging telephony with IT

Navish Mistry, of Forte, attended and said: “I was very impressed with the event and the presentation was excellent.” New advances in automated systems and facilities such as setting your phone so that you always appear to be ‘in the office’ were also discussed.

Only recently, ACUTEC bought telecoms company Chase Meadow Communications to help clients with the latest changes in technology and to help them integrate the two. Steve Lines, of ACUTEC, said: “When it comes to telecoms and IT being integrated with the same company it makes sense. IT and telephony have converged over recent years and your mobile phone is now a mini PC – in many ways it’s more sophisticated.

“We have a system now where, via our PC network, we can transfer a call from the landline to a mobile. So you could take a call in the office, transfer it to your mobile, walk out of the door, get in your car, transfer it to Bluetooth and the client would never know anything had happened. It’s seamless.

“As with outsourcing any service, it’s not just about the expertise but the people you deal with. So finding a company that understands your business and what you require from your IT systems and telecoms is just as vital as them being able to implement it. That’s what we aim to do here.”

  • 3 Apr, 2012
  • maxbrooker

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