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Ever Changing Tech

Have you ever thought about the fact that when a child presses the save button that they have no idea that that odd little square in the corner of their screen is something called a floppy disk?  They have absolutely no idea that people used to save their documents to those little squares of plastic
  • 2 Feb, 2016
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • apple pay, changes, cloud, evolution, history, internet, internet of things, pay tech, revolution, storage, technology,
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Get Started with OneNote

If you haven’t already started using OneNote, the note taking application that comes with Office 365 then we really recommend it.  It has a lot of little functions to make life easier.  Here’s our five tips to get you started.  We’ll be using the desktop application for Windows 10 to demonstrate. Customisation The standard view
  • 27 Jan, 2016
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • acutec, business, meetings, Microsoft, note taking, Office 365, one note, productivity,
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Carole the Coleshill Kitten

Our Office Manager, Carole Doyle, and her friend Kaye Flack are currently spending most of their evenings and weekends walking the streets of Coleshill.  The reason?  On 28th May they will walk 65 miles from London to Brighton in under 24 hours for Walk the Walk. Walk the Walk is a charity supporting breast cancer
  • 21 Jan, 2016
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • breast cancer, charity, fundraising, london to brighton, walk the walk,
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Enterprise Mobility Suite

A year or two ago, everyone was asking ‘What’s Microsoft Office 365?’ and soon they will be asking ‘What’s EMS?’ Microsoft’s EMS or Enterprise Mobility Suite is the new add on for Office 365 that ensures both control and productivity in the workplace, whether that be an SMB or a major organisation. Have you opened
  • 13 Jan, 2016
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • business, cloud, ems, enterprise mobility suite, Microsoft, microsoft office, Office 365, productivity, security,
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Cyberoam Hacking

A few days ago it came to our attention that Cyberoam Technologies, a Sophos company that provides Network Security appliances, had been hacked. At the very end of 2015 there was a cyber-attack on their systems and their database was breached, leaking a million records. An Indian security researcher encountered a hacker on the dark
  • 6 Jan, 2016
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • acutec, crime, cyber crime, cyber security, cybercrime, cyberoam, dark web, data breach, dell, firewall, hacking, it support company, it support company west midlands, sonicwall, sophos,
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The Big Data Breaches of 2015

2015 seems to have been the year of cybercrime, with countless companies making news headlines as their network security was breached.  The reality is that this is only going to get worse in 2016.  Cybercrime is becoming a massive issue for all businesses and it’s important to be aware of the risks.  Here are what
  • 29 Dec, 2015
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • adele, ashley madison, cyber security, cybercrime, data breach, hacking, marks and spencer, new year, talk talk, tech,
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ACUTEC’s 2015

Christmas is only around the corner and everyone here at ACUTEC is excited.  We have had a really great year with some wonderful experiences and achievements.  We thought that we would share them with you as 2015 draws to a close. We were very proud to become a Microsoft Gold Partner for Small and Midmarket
  • 21 Dec, 2015
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • arctic, birmingham, christmas, cloud services, coventry, cyber security, events, microsoft azure, new year, warwick,
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What actually is Microsoft Azure?

When it comes to Microsoft Azure people overcomplicate it.  The reason it gets overcomplicated is simply because it does so many things that you can’t really sum it up in a few sentences.  You have to take a narrower, focussed view. In essence, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that is flexible to your
  • 15 Dec, 2015
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • azure, azure backup, azure site recovery, backup, cloud, cloud computing, disaster recovery, dr, microsoft azure,
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10 Tech Gifts You May Not Have Thought Of

Christmas is only around the corner and you are probably running out of ideas, especially if you’re buying for someone who loves a gadget.  If they’re up to date on their PC, tablet and phone you’re probably pulling your hair out searching for ideas.  Now you can sit back and relax with our ten suggestions
  • 9 Dec, 2015
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • amazon, android, apple, christmas, gifts, go pro, holidays, incipio, internet of things, kindle, logitech, logo diana, microsft band 2, Microsoft, nest, next, polaroid, presents, technology, tile, windows phone, xmas, zip,
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‘Threat Management’ – Webinar

Did you miss our event ‘Threat Management’ at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce? Don’t worry! It’s now available to watch right here.
  • 4 Dec, 2015
  • Amy Staniszewski
  • acutec, cyber security, cybercrime, cybersecurity, dell, dell security, hacking, malware, network security, ransomware,
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