24/7 IT Support


Pro-active monitoring and 24/7 IT Support services provided by ACUTEC

Sometimes issues can occur on your system when it is out of hours.  Pro-active monitoring is an essential part of ACUTEC’s IT Support services.  By deploying comprehensive software and monitoring tools we are able to ensure that no performance change in your IT infrastructure goes unnoticed.

If you have a regularly maintained network then you will have fewer failures, ensuring higher productivity as well as savings on your support costs.  Your exposure to security risks will also be dramatically lessened by this.  Your business will no longer have to be exposed to the risk of unstable IT resources.  Our 24/7 IT Support service ensures that our clients are able to focus completely on their businesses with the certainty that their systems are running smoothly.

ACUTEC 24/7 IT Support features:

  • 24/7 performance monitoring to ensure all critical network devices are functioning reliably
  • Backup monitoring to ensure that the backups of your critical data occur as scheduled
  • Antivirus and Firewall monitoring and updates to ensure your system remains secure and functioning correctly
  • A single point of contact to ensure that technology vendors are dealt with on your behalf
  • PC performance monitoring to ensure they are running correctly
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Pro-active Support

Don’t need 24/7 support?

Have a look at our Support Comparison Table to see what level of support you need to suit your business needs.

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