Web Hosting

Your website is part of your IT system and crucial to your brand identity so being able to run a website that is permanently on-line 24/7 is paramount. Web hosting allows you to make your website available anywhere, anytime via the latest technology.
web-hostingWeb hosting services varies greatly, here at ACUTEC we make it simple by focusing on your needs – not ours. We’ll get you set up quickly and efficiently so that you always get the most out of your on-line profile.

Our web hosting packages are full of advanced features that your business needs to succeed online. Flexible and easy to use ACUTEC’s web hosting service can ensure your site doesn’t suffer when you experience unexpected increase of visitors, particularly at busy times of the year, leaving you to focus on your business and your client’s access to your products.

Windows or Linux hosting?

linux_windowsAs a general rule of thumb for a simple HTML website, there is little difference with either solution as both provide a suitable web server and can deliver web pages to clients. However for more advanced websites such as eCommerce or Content Management System (CMS) websites utilising web databases and server-scripting languages such as PHP we would recommend the Linux option for greater reliability, scalability and flexibility.

However, we are able to offer both Windows and Linux hosting so whether you have your own team of web developers using ASP, .NET, PHP, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, ACUTEC can offer the correct infrastructure and set-up.

Talk to us about hosting your website – we’ve got over 20 years’ experience in the team.

ACUTEC web hosting features:

  • One–to-one advice
  • Fault diagnosis
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Rapid response assistance by phone, email or remotely
  • Powerful security
  • Database and script support
  • Unlimited disk space and uncapped (fair user policy applies)
  • Disaster recovery plan and preventative maintenance
  • Server specification – the amount that resources can play a part in performance

The quality of your web pages is an important factor but this only comes into play if the hosting solution is allowing web users to access them in the first place. We can check the network your server resides on – the capacity and average load can determine the speed at which your pages are delivered to the person viewing them.

We are not a bunch of web geeks who spout jargon… we are able to understand your business objectives but still provide valuable technical knowledge and expertise in many related fields.