Web Design

A good website is a dynamic structure, that’s not limited to just pictures and texts, it’s a sales and marketing tool, a lead generator, a necessity for any company, it can means new clients and new opportunities, while a poor design can result in loss of these opportunities.

Your website design is the face of your company – it’s the first thing all of your visitors see and it’s how most of them will remember you. Let your website design really say something about your business.

We usually go through the following process to achieve the results you want:

  • Informal discussion of the client’s requirements and some options presented for further thought and brainstorming
  • A face-to-face meeting in order to collate information, capture some specific client requirements and sketch out ideas
  • A solution’s proposal from ACUTEC is put forward to the client
  • Design concepts worked on and screenshots / draft designs are shown to the client
  • Feedback from client is fed back to the designers for tweaking and changes for final review
  • Final design is produced for web media i.e. HTML, CSS and images.

ACUTEC offer a full range of bespoke website solutions whether your website needs a re-vamp or a re-design. Our team includes specialist web developers who will understand what you need from your on-line presence and target audience and deliver a website that make a genuine difference to the profitability of your business.

Areas of design where we can help:

  • Homepage design to make that essential first impression.
  • Logo creation and brand concepts.
  • Website menu and navigation container design.
  • Content management templates for consistent page layouts and automatic styling.
  • Product catalogue and online brochure layout, imagery and structure.
  • Adverts and promotions i.e. Christmas offers or limited time discounts.
  • eCommerce shopping basket and checkout.
  • Banner and links to other websites.
  • Imagery and artwork.
  • 3D modelling and graphics.
  • User interface elements such as contact forms, enquiry forms and surveys.
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Why is web design so important?

  • First impressions really do count – Studies indicate that web users have a selected viewing space when stumbling across any new website and spend very little time assessing the website before deciding whether or not to go elsewhere.
  • Send out the right message – Websites should reflect your company image and be aimed at the target audience in the same way that TV adverts are created with such factors in mind. If you know your business and your customers, we can provide the advice on how to tick all their boxes to ensure you never lose a sale.
  • Reassure and instil confidence – Particularly essential for companies offering eCommerce shopping online as people will only buy if they feel confident that the website is legitimate and this involves a slick, smooth interface and solid reliable functionality.
  • Rise above competition – It is almost unheard of to not have a website these days so this means all your competitors are out there too so it’s even more important to ensure that anyone landing on your website is suitably impressed not to bother searching elsewhere.
  • Your website is your image – Whatever industry you’re in, people will always check your website when they hear about your company. Even individuals who are looking to join your organisation or become a partner or supplier will almost always thoroughly work through your website learning as much as they can. Do you want them to see a scraped together website with broken links and outdated graphics/information?
  • Websites can become brands – Many businesses have suceeded through online trading and the website and domain name has become synonymous amongst popular culture. If you invest in your website, it can take your business into new marketplaces and attract huge amounts of interest.
  • Highlight weaknesses in your marketing strategy – Undertaking the process of having a new website designed or perhaps a company logo and theme, can be a demanding task if the job is to be done properly. Clients must be able to detail their requirements and provide information and product/service imagery in order for designers to visualise a web solution. However this can often help a business become organised about their public image and marketing.

You are in control

Once your site is ready we can had it over to you if you choose our Content Management System (CMS) – no stress, no hassle.