App Development

Develop your business system on any mobile platform

Smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices have proved to be a phenomenal success; the technology driving the sector is becoming more powerful each year. Many businesses are tapping into the sectors growth and enjoying the significant benefits delivered using mobile technology.
app_devOur development team have access to all the latest app tools meaning we can build high quality, cost effective applications which are useable, stable and secure and with the ability to deploy in the cloud or on-premise.

Our team has been building mobile solutions for many years. This experience means we can deliver fully integrated solutions across all major platforms. We offer a full consultancy, migration and maintenance service that can result in creating a solution that can kick-start your business.

Why develop apps?
There have been 6.9 million iPhones sold worldwide since its launch by Apple in 2007, with downloaded applications exceeding billions.

As well as the size of the potential audience, the increasing use of smart phones in day to day life and for business use have rapidly become a keystone for communicating with consumers and for productivity within business environments.

Android, Palm, Blackberry and Windows Phone development
ACUTEC’s development team also offers development expertise for Android, Palm, Blackberry and Windows Phone. This ensures your application will reach the widest audience possible across all platforms.

Our app development team offer a complete solution and provide:

  • Application design
  • User-friendly, productive and intuitive interface that makes the most of the iPhone and iPad hardware
  • Compatibility with the widest range of iOS devices
  • The complete application process and testing on many devices
  • Application support and development

Additionally, our development team can provide solutions to integrate your mobile apps with your business software and databases.

Web app is the first step into the digital space.

What Next?

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