Network Security

Firewall and network security


ACUTEC offer industry leading antispam, anti-virus and spyware solutions to keep your company and employees spam-free and free from viruses and numerous spyware and other threats to the security of your networks.

Employees can spend a good deal of time deleting inappropriate and unrequested email and that gets more complicated as we now have smartphone and tablets.

Our antispam works by effectively filtering at domain-level, so your servers and devices do not have to go through thousands of emails one by one.

Server outage or infrastructure problem? Your email is safely backed up and cached for 5 days until your systems are back up and ready to receive any waiting email. No more bounce messages sent to your client and with Information provided by our daily summary, you’ll always be on top of things and configured, managed and monitored by our technical support team.

It’s scalable, from small business use up to corporate size businesses.

ESET Antivirus

After an extensive trial and many successful deployments, the solution we now recommend is by ESET. It’s so good, we even use it ourselves! Being an ESET UK Partner, ACUTEC are able to deliver outstanding service and support for this excellent product.

Why ESET Antivirus the best?

Best detection, Fastest Performance, Smallest Footprint

Don’t let the name fool you, it is not just an antivirus solution, it provides real-time protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, riskware, rootkits, phishing and other malicious threats.

Smallest memory footprint in the industry – Single, highly-optimised engine; conserves resources in memory and on disk so your applications aren’t compromised.

Virus and spyware outbreaks

It is inevitable that businesses without good technical advice can suffer from virus protection problems which result in full scale outbreaks which can cause costly downtime and worse, data loss. As well as providing you with the right software to prevent future security breaches, ACUTEC can help with the outbreak itself.

With our tools and expertise, ACUTEC can:

  • Identify and remove the source of the infiltration
  • Isolate problem PCs or equipment
  • Remove spyware, adaware and browser hijacks
  • Repair damage and restore functionality of hardware and software


What Next?

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