ACUTEC International

ACUTEC International

ACUTEC International Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACUTEC Limited. It was established in 2009 to promote ACUTEC’s overseas business and continues to do so, not without some significant successes.

ACUTEC International is a relatively new addition to the ACUTEC ‘family’, and whilst still relatively small, it is growing quickly and is planned to represent a much larger slice of Group turnover.

Through force of necessity, ACUTEC International tends to offer a subset of the full range of ACUTEC’s activities abroad. These centre around the development of bespoke software solutions, IT and business/organisational consultancy and IT and leadership training/development.

From fairly early in its life as an IT services company, ACUTEC has had clients overseas. It has to be said, however, that initially it was some of ACUTEC’s UK clients which encouraged ACUTEC to operate overseas, rather than a positive move by the company to go there. Some examples of this are as follows:

In Germany and around the world, Guhring is a leading tooling company. As well as building their UK website, ACUTEC provides software, network and workstation support. Guhring Limited is a world class manufacturer of precision rotary cutting tools and allied tooling for the engineering and medical industries.
In Switzerland and elsewhere around the world, Wandfluh is a leading hydraulics and electronics company. In addition to building their UK website, ACUTEC provides software, network and workstation support. As part of the Wandfluh group, Wandfluh UK supplies hydraulic and electronic solutions around the world, specialising in proportional technology plus standard and miniature hydraulics for the many industries.
In Spain, Pueblo Evita ordered bespoke software and support from ACUTEC. Pueblo Evita is a large timeshare company based near Malaga and it also receives network infrastructure design and support from ACUTEC.
In Ireland, K G Aircraft Rotables, has located its head office (Dublin), with its IT supported by ACUTEC. But its principal operations are at East Midlands Airport in the UK from whence the company provides aircraft parts especially for Boeing 737s and for prestigious clients such as Easyjet and Ryan Air. When they opened a depot in Florida, USA, the support of their network and website there was also undertaken by ACUTEC.
In Indiana, USA, Pailton Engineering, the steering systems manufacturer, uses ACUTEC to support its systems as it does in the UK. Pailton has an operation in Germany, also supported by ACUTEC.
In Belgium, InBev has its head office. InBev is the world’s largest brewer, owners of the Budweiser, the Becks and the Stella Artois brands, and employing 120,000 people in 30 different countries. In the UK, it uses ACUTEC written software in three of its largest plants (in Glasgow, Preston and south Wales) to measure the efficiency of their packaging processes for canning, bottling and kegging. This software also does wastage reporting. Subsequently, InBev has used ACUTEC for almost 10 years to support the software and for on-going project work. They have implemented the two pieces of software at its plants in Belgium, yet another example of a client having taken ACUTEC abroad.
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